Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yabe – Take 1

So after a lot of initial prep work (which probably wouldn’t have taken so long if I had more than an hour a day to devote), I now have a very simple test server in place and a repository on Github. As of right now, it only contains stubs for all three editions (ASP.Net MVC, Ruby-on-Rails, and PHP-on-Trax).  I have started a simple tutorial for Ruby-on-Rails that is translating well to the PHP-on-Trax (at least for the moment), but I fully intend to start diverging the two as I get more accustomed to the “proper” way to write PHP.
I’ve opted to maintain all three editions in the master branch as apposed to giving each it’s own branch. This was done because I don’t see the three as being branches of the same code base, I see them as different editions of the same software. Hopefully this works out well, but if not… well git makes it very easy to correct this if I decide to go another route later. Happy
Finally, I’ve set up some project management software to keep all of my user stories. I’ve opted for Agilefant installed in a virtual Apache server. I’m going to use this to track the features I have implemented and what I’ve yet to do. For bug tracking, however, I intend to use the system that Github provides for me.