Thursday, July 15, 2010

Windows Script Host Build System

Not a very big project, but this was something I needed for work. I have to maintain a number of Access databases at work that the company will not allow us to upgrade to full blown applications.  Some of these are becoming fairly non-trivial. As such I wanted a simple build system in place to automate tasks such as compiling MDE/ADE files, updating version numbers, and deploying to targets.
I know I could have used any of a number of build systems, and honestly, I really wanted to use psake, but unfortunately we run Windows XP without PowerShell at work (and corporate will not allow me to install it). Most of the other systems out there (like Nant, Ant, MSBuild, etc.) don’t offer any support for Office automation. So I wrote this very basic build system in VBScript using Windows Scripting Host. It allows easy access to automation so I can do tasks like compacting/repairing databases and compiling.

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